‘I Don’t Understand Why People Get Mad At The Workers. We Don’t Make The Prices’: Customer Yells At Mcdonald’s Worker Because Iced Coffee Is No Longer $1

Recently, McDonald’s upped their drink prices. While customers at many McDonald’s locations could previously enjoy a range of drinks in different sizes for just one dollar, the deal appears to be over, according to Insider.

However, some customers still haven’t gotten the memo. In a video with over 464,000 views, TikTok user Jade (@jadababies) claims a customer yelled at her after not understanding the change in price.

“One thing you’re not going to do is come into my drive-thru and yell at me over prices,” Jade says.

In the video, Jade claims that her location has an offer in which customers can buy coffee for a reduced price before 10:30 AM, typically around a dollar.

“Franchisees set prices and have the flexibility to create promotions that will drive demand locally,” a McDonald’s spokesperson explained to Insider.

Jade says that a customer who had made a coffee purchase earlier in the day came back later and expected the same price. When Jade told her that was impossible, the customer began to yell.

“[She said], ‘You need to get them to me for a dollar!’” Jade recalls. “I said, ‘I can’t!’”

In a follow-up, Jade says part of her frustration came from the fact that the customer was yelling at the employee for what was a company problem.

“I don’t understand why people get mad at the workers. We don’t make the prices,” she explains.

Jade also says that rising prices at McDonald’s can be attributed to rising costs in industries across the country.

“You go talk to corporate and corporate is going to tell you exactly what I’m saying—inflation,” she details.

In comments, users stood behind Jade.

“I don’t know what century people think they are in, but from what I know nothing is a dollar anymore!!!” a commenter exclaimed.

“Man, I got yelled at because the price went up .50,” another recalled. “RECORDING ME AND ALL.”

“‘Why are the prices so high’ bro I just work here I don’t know,” a third shared.

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