‘I Only Have To Work Once Every 4-6 Weeks’: Starbucks Barista Says She Only Works 4 Hours A Month To Keep Her Employee Discount

A Starbucks barista went viral on TikTok after she revealed she only works four hours a month to keep her discount.

The video starts with TikTok user KT (@munchinonmochi) cleaning the counters. Immediately, she leaves the counter and heads toward the exit, hanging her apron on a hanger. KT explains in the text overlay: “when i come in to work my mandatory monthly 4 hour shift (to keep my employee discount) and someone orders a pinkety drinkety.”

The video amassed over 64,000 views since it was posted less than a day ago on Sept. 13. Many viewers in the comments section were confused as to how KT is only working four hours a month.

“Sorry its a mandatory ONE SHIFT A MONTH ???? .. i wouldnt have put in my 2 weeks if i knew i cojld [sic] do that Wtf,” one user wrote.

“I thought minimum you had to work 12 hrs/ wk,” a second commented.

“how do I get to be in this 1 shift a month position lmao,” a third asked.

KT answered the question in the comments, writing, “it’s a tarbucks! I’m on demand so I only have to work once every 4-6 weeks.”

A “Tar-bucks” is the nickname given for Starbucks inside Target stores, and it seems KT is on an “on-demand” list. According to JobGet, an on-demand position is a job position where an employee can pick up shifts when needed. The worker can pick up shifts via the employee portal and can pick up shifts from other workers or from Target if work is needed.

Other viewers were perplexed for a different reason, believing the “pinkety drinkety” (pink drink) was easy to make and why the TikToker would leave if someone ordered it.

“why,” one person questioned.

“I thought those were easy to make,” a second assumed.

KT confirmed the pink drink is easy to make but it reminds her of someone who she presumably doesn’t like.

“They are super easy! I just get a little annoyed when someone orders it as a pinkety drinkety cause it makes me think of James Charles lol,” she wrote in the comments.

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