Woman gifts bottle of champagne for 1-year-old's birthday, sparks heated discussion

Parents typically go all out for their child's first birthday celebration. They aim to ensure that their child's first big milestone is one that no one will ever forget—or, more accurately, that the 1-year-old will never remember! Instead of spending money on a gift for the infant, when Phoebe Parsons, who goes by @phoebeacp on TikTok, was asked to her friend's child's first birthday party, she chose to give the baby's parents a lovely bottle of champagne. She shared a TikTok clarifying her position and asking her audience if they agreed that deviating from custom was "fair." In the video, Phoebe said, “I would really love to know other peoples' thoughts on this. I’m on my way to a first birthday party, and I actually got the parents a bottle of champagne instead of the child.”
She continued by letting viewers of her TikTok video know that she had previously given the infant several gifts. “So in the child's lifetime so far (he's 12 months old), I've gotten him a baby shower present and a being born present. I only thought it was fair to give the parents a present to celebrate the first year they've survived as parents,” she continued. She said that the 1-year-old would not remember this birthday or the things she had received, going on to say that there were 50 additional guests at the child's party who would be showering the infant with gifts. It wouldn't do any harm to have one less. “So, do you think it’s fair for the first birthday party to buy the parents a present in place of the child?”
Opinion was divided on the question. Some users pointed out that there's no debate that it was a very well-deserved gift, and definitely a great idea, "Yes, it’s probably been one of the most challenging years of their lives, they deserve a treat!" A user responded with, "Omg yes! I was gifted a bottle of scotch for my only son's 1st birthday. Obviously, I needed it for the days ahead. Good sense!" Some mothers shared that they would have appreciated it more than "any annoying noisy toy." Others outlined that a gift for parents was all that was needed after the first year, "My favorite gift at my one-year-old party was a hotel voucher for me and my fiance and free babysitting for the night."
TikTok users were divided on whether the champagne was appropriate. Most users definitely agreed that the parents deserved a gift, but questioned whether alcohol is enough as a gift alone. Others felt that the gift was not enough as a standalone and maybe would have been better if it was accompanied by something else. "Not instead of, but alongside…,’ said another. "Yeah, but I’ll probably buy a little teddy for the baby," added another. "Yes BUT! In addition to just a gift for the child. Or a bottle is more appropriate when the baby is born." Some feel that there is no need to give gifts, "I wouldn’t buy them both a present." For others, it depends on the situation, "In this situation, yes. Unless the parents get a lot, no."

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