‘I Do This If My Server Takes More Than 20 Mins’: Server Shares What You Should Never Do In Restaurant

We’ve all been there: You’re at a restaurant and you have a question about the menu, or you’d like to order another drink, but unfortunately your server who eagerly greeted you earlier is nowhere to be found.

So you stop another server to fulfill your request. According to TikToker @scintiillaa, that’s exactly what not to do—especially if another server is busy juggling multiple tables all at once.

In a recent video that was viewed over 500,000 times, @scintiillaa acts out a scenario in which a server who’s taking care of six tables is caught off guard by a random customer asking for a refill.

“She not talking to me? Like —” the audio notes in the background of @scintiillaa’s video.

In her caption, @scintiillaa noted how since she wasn’t being paid to take care of that particular table, she would prefer to go find their assigned server to take care of them. (Typically, servers have a certain number of tables they are assigned to, and they oftentimes take care of multiple groups at once.)

Some commenters admitted to asking people who are not their servers to fulfill requests, while others who seemed to have experience in the service industry heavily related to the video.

“When I run someone’s food and then they ask me for napkins, side plates, refills, and more sauce… oh nah honey I ain’t taking care of u for free,” a commenter said.

Some commenters advised customers to ask staff for their server instead of asking someone not assigned to their table to fulfill their request.

“‘Can I get a refill?’ Yeah, of course you can, just not from me,” one commenter said.

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