‘My Leg Looks Dead’: Ups Worker’s Sock Tan Line Sparks Discussion

UPS drivers spend a lot of time in the sunlight—and given the standard uniform’s famous shorts and t-shirt combo, there’s plenty of opportunity for sun damage.

Now, a UPS driver and TikTok user has gone viral after sharing the severity of his tan line. In a video with over 1.5 million views, user Jamie (@yojamietho) reveals his sock tan, which is a stark white in comparison to the rest of his body.

“This is what [the customer] saw walking up to her,” Jamie says. “Just a dead, no-circulation leg from the calf down.”

In this video, Jamie was only made aware of his tan line after his sock was accidentally pushed down and a concerned customer pointed out his bone-white ankle.

In a follow-up, Jamie reveals his thigh tan line, which is less severe than the sock.

Commenters made jokes about Jamie’s legs.


“I guess that’s the UPS equivalent of a farmer’s tan,” another added.

Jamie notes in comments that he always wears sunscreen and that UPS does offer ankle socks for drivers. He had simply opted to wear longer socks.

“We have ankle socks, I just formed this tan line from the first pairs of long socks I wore. Never looked back,” Jamie said.

Other users recounted similar stories to Jamie.

“My dad has that same tan line,” a user wrote. “We called it his night socks.”

“My dad did landscaping. He would sit outside with a sheet covering his legs n tan his ankles down,” a second recalled.

“A friend of mine bought a foot tanner for her golfer’s tan. It’s like a tanning bed just for feet,” a third claimed.

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