Thugs repeatedly punch 67-year-old man — then take turns kicking him after he's thrown on floor in apartment lobby; he needed surgery for a broken hip

Three people were caught on video repeatedly punching a 67-year-old man — and then two of them took turns kicking the victim after he was thrown to the floor of an Oklahoma City apartment lobby last month.

What are the details?
Officials said the elderly victim was standing in a common area of the apartment complex — located on the 1700 block of Northeast 4th Street — around 11:30 a.m. Aug. 24 when the individuals approached him, KFOR-TV reported.

Video shows a woman wearing a white tank top trying to grab what appears to be the victim's cellphone and then hitting the victim on the top of his head. A man wearing a purple hoodie stands next to her.

The clip then shifts to the man in the purple hoodie taking huge swings at the victim with both fists, over and over.

A third individual — a woman wearing a red tank top — is seen pushing and throwing punches at the victim as well.

While the victim tries to fight back, the man in the purple hoodie just tosses the victim across the floor of an elevator lobby in the apartment complex.

When the victim tries to get up, the man in the the purple hoodie walks by and kicks the victim in the face; seconds later, the woman in the white tank top walks by and kicks the victim as well.

The woman in the red tank top doesn't appear to do anything to the victim as she walks by.

Master Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow with the Oklahoma City Police called it a "vicious attack" and "seemingly unprovoked," KFOR reported.

Wardlow told the station police are "confident that someone is going to recognize these individuals."

What happened to the victim? Authorities said the victim was taken to an emergency room where he later needed surgery to repair a fractured hip, KFOR reported.

“From looking at the video, it’s obvious that these suspects are significantly younger than he is. So we want to get these people identified,” Wardlow told the station.

“We have a number of ways to do that. And ultimately, if it leads to either charges filed or an arrest made, we’d be happy to pay through Crime Stoppers,” she added to KFOR.

The station said information can be anonymously submitted to Crime Stoppers online or by phone at 405-235-7300 for a chance of a cash reward leading to an arrest.

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