‘We Need To Keep These Influencers Accountable For Their Actions’: Popular Disney Creator Gets Called Out After Reporting Cast Member To Corporate

A TikToker says that popular TikTok Disney creator Kel (@themeparkmom) reported a barista at Downtown Disney to corporate after the barista came forward with allegations that Kel was rude to her in a viral TikTok.

In the video posted by TikToker Matt (@mattheradartech90) on Sept. 12, she reveals that Kel “reported the cast member, Ary (@arysanatomy), to corporate.”

She claimed that Kel was “rude” to her while waiting for her mobile order at Starbucks in Downtown Disney. As of Sept. 14, Ary has deleted her TikToks addressing the situation. However, the initial viral video remains up at the time of publishing. Kel, on the other hand, has gone private.

“The cast member decided to take down all of her videos because she was reported to corporate and she doesn’t want to lose her job,” she says. “@themeparkmom has turned off all of the comments to almost all of her videos, so she’s turned herself off to any commentary because she knows that she’s in the wrong.”

Matt continues to encourage viewers to “keep this accountability train going.”

The video has reached over 118,000 views as of Sept. 14, with commenters putting Kel on blast for not taking accountability and allegedly trying to retaliate against the cast member.

“She apologized but was like ‘fire her for making me apologize,'” a commenter said.

“The audacity is that she was telling everyone to treat cast members kindly,” another wrote.

“Does she not realize that reporting to corporate is 100x worse than what she originally did,” a third added.

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