The 2023 Irish Farmer Calendar is now available for purchase and boy, is it steamy

Call the fire brigade! The good lads of Éire are setting the internet on fire with the 13th edition of the popular Irish Farmer Calendar and have left us swooning over their rugged handsomeness. The brainchild of Ciara Ryan, the 2023 edition of the calendar is now available, showcasing some of "Ireland’s most handsome farmers in a variety of cute and hilarious poses." Speaking to Bored Panda about the creative process that led to the creation of the steamy calendar, Ryan said: "In 2009, just before I started the calendar, I saw how popular the Dublin Fire Brigade Calendar was and it got me thinking if the urban firemen had their own calendars, then why shouldn't the rural farmers, one of Ireland's best features, not also have their own calendar."
"So I wanted to show off the Irish farmers in funny poses and over the years we have gotten more sexy than funny, but we always feature a bit of both. The idea went down a treat, both in Ireland and abroad," she added, explaining that "the goal is to be the longest-running calendar in the world. I'll happily keep doing this in my senior years if my heart can take it!" Recalling some of her favorite shoots from over the years, Ryan shared: "In the 2013 calendar, we had a farmer posing with a stop sign with a chicken crossing the road beneath it. It was a play on the joke 'why did the chicken cross the road'."
"That was a very popular shot. The BBC featured it on their satirical show Have I Got News For You and we were thrilled with such exposure. It really is such a classic shot," she said. "In 2012, we had a farmer in the bath with a real duck and the duck defecated on the farmer but he was a team player and laughed it off. However, he was perplexed to hear that we had to get him back in the bath with the duck a few months later as a German TV station wanted to recreate the photo shoot for a primetime show. Charlie, the farmer in question, was fantastic about it in the end and the film crew was falling over with laughter as the duck gave a repeat performance, so to speak!"
For Ryan, the favorite aspect of putting out the annual calendars is the planning process. "Brainstorming ideas, visiting farms, and seeing the potential for good shots. As animals don't always pose the way you want them to, sometimes what comes out in print works out better than your original plan but really, the photoshoots are the most fun and funniest part of the creative process," she said. "People know the calendar is good wholesome fun. They can see that there was fun and, as the Irish say, 'craic' in the making of it. This fun shines through in the photos. People like this fun positivity on their walls. It makes people laugh and we're very happy we succeeded in putting a smile on people's faces." The 2023 calendar is a bit different from all the previous years. Instead of the usual 12, it presents 23 images as it uses new photographs that had not been published due to COVID-19 restrictions last year.
Check out some more of the handsome hunks featured in the 2023 Irish Farmer Calendar below and grab your copy here.

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