‘Being Cross-trained Means Being Overworked Without Extra Pay’: Target Worker Says They Are Cross-trained To Work At Starbucks, Sparking Debate

A Target worker’s video on how he is trained for “every position” at the store, even one at Starbucks, ignited a discussion among viewers about the practice of cross-training workers.

TikToker Gus (@augustte3n) posted the video which is overlaid with the words “POV: you’re cross trained to every position @ target.” It has more than 137,000 views.

For anyone that’s unfamiliar, cross-training refers to the practice of training employees in more than one role at their job, according to Indeed. Cross-trained employees are able to do tasks in other departments, in addition to their primary job responsibilities.

In the video, Gus is in Target’s signature red, in front of a Target sign. The video then cuts to him in an apron, working as a Starbucks barista in the Target store. Gus revealed in the caption he enjoys working at the Starbucks and is scheduled to work in that section once a week. Target started selling Starbucks products in 1999, according to shopfood, when Starbucks licensed its brand to the department store. So while the two companies are separate, baristas technically work for Target, not Starbucks.

Gus’ video resonated with many viewers, especially those that also have experience working at Target.

”They trained us in everything but ap,” one said, referring to asset protection.

“I know market, fulfillment, guest service, check lanes, style, and soon to be Starbucks,” said another employee who listed the departments they were cross-trained in.

Cross-training is an advantageous system for Target as it enables the store to shuffle workers across departments if one is short-staffed. However, when one user suggested, “omg they should do its at all locations,” Gus responded, “Hell no because we don’t get raises for it but yeah I’m the wild card @ my store.”

Other users who work at Target or have worked there in the past echoed Gus’s feelings.

“Then suddenly I’m stuck closing the front end and Starbucks in the same night without a cent extra,” said one user.

“EVERY DEPARTMENT STILL SAME PAY,” said another disgruntled employee.

“Being cross trained means being overworked without extra pay. I was doing 6am to 11pm 6 days a week; multiple positions a day,” a third said in a comment that was liked by Gus.

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