‘Y’all Can See Me Roll My Eyes’: Starbucks Barista Reveals What They See On Their End From The Drive-thru

A Starbucks barista went viral on TikTok after she revealed what she sees on her end while working in the drive-thru.

“Would y’all like to see this point of view driving up?” user Dyanna (@_dyanna) wrote via text overlay.

The Starbucks employee records the cash register which features live footage of the drive-thru. Dyanna then presses a button to show her face—an image that is then shown to customers in the drive-thru.

The video has racked up over 345,000 views as of Saturday, where many viewers were shocked to discover that baristas can see the customers as they order.

“Wait y’all can see us?” one user asked.

“OH YOU CAN SEE ME,” a second said.

One person was confused as to why they still needed to pull up to the speaker to place her order, writing, “Wait so why sometimes when I’m still not close enough to the speaker the worker asks my order.”

Dyanna responded to the comment, clarifying any confusion, “Sometimes we’re multitasking and just hear the sensor go off, so we greet you but then realize you’re not at the speaker box haha.”

Other users shared their experiences with baristas turning on the camera to show their faces.

“Omg last week when I went to Starbucks some guy put the camera on like halfway through my order and jumscared me,” one person recounted.

“A barista once put her face on the screen and I was so shocked, she looked so tired,” a second commented.

“This has happened and the person ducked his face and turned off the camera it was funny,” a third stated.

Dyanna isn’t the only Starbucks worker to post about the barista’s perspective. TikTok content creator Grace went viral after noting that she can see when customers make faces in the drive-thru.

The two-way drive-thru camera was first installed in 2015 and was added to 2,400 stores within a year, per Bloomberg. Starbucks spokesperson Haley Drage told the outlet that the technology was put into place to speed up services and to highlight the “customer-barista connection.”

Dyanna similarly noted this intention in her caption, which reads, “Customer connection [eyes emoji].”

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