‘Good Luck Yawning At Your 9-5’: Caribou Coffee Barista Secretly Makes Customer’s Espresso Decaf After She Was Rude

Being nice to your barista could save you the dreaded morning caffeine slump.

At least that’s what one customer learned after allegedly being rude to a barista at Caribou Coffee over the cost of her drink.

On TikTok, user Allie Larson (@allielarsonn) posted a video of her making a cup of coffee with the caption: “the woman who called me a c*nt in the drive thru expecting espresso but I made it decaf since I’m petty.”

The video was accompanied with the audio, “Damn. He don’t got a clue in the fucking world.”

“Good luck yawning at your 9-5,” Larson captioned her post. “This [is] why you should always be nice to your barista who handles your coffee.”

Larson explained in the comments section of the video, which was viewed nearly 140,000 times, that she was name-called because of rising coffee prices.

“They keep getting higher. … I treat all customers with respect but if i’m being name called and screamed at my place of work and still keep it professional? Just know they are getting decaf,” Larson said. “If you think I proved her point and that I’m cruel and that I should have turned the other cheek you clearly put up with shit you shouldn’t.”

Like many coffee chains, Caribou Coffee has not been able to escape the effects of supply chain issues as well as inflation. In 2021, Bloomberg reported the coffee chain was increasing its “safety stock” of items such as cups, lids, chocolate, and coffee. Caribou has also been looking to expand its locations, but with a scale downed version of its typical coffee shop as construction costs have risen.

Caribou Coffee has not responded to the Daily Dot’s request for comment.

Comments on @allielarsonn’s video largely sympathized with the creator.

“If there is anyone I refuse to ever be rude to in this world, it’s people who handle my food,” one commenter said.

“It’s not even about being rude to someone who handles your food,” another commenter said. “What happened to being a decent human being? Be respectful, do better.”

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