‘You’ve Heard Of Being Nice To Your Waiters. You’ve Heard Of Tipping 20%. Have You Heard Of Being Fast?’: Server Shares Psa To Customers About Being ‘fast’

One server is putting customers onto one way to make the dining experience run more smoothly for servers: being fast.

“You’ve heard of being nice to your waiters. You’ve heard of tipping 20%. Have you heard of being fast?” TikToker Jacob Stephen (@jacobxstephen) asks viewers in a recent video.

Stephen says it’s helpful for customers to know their orders when servers arrive at their tables.

“Be fast,” Stephen says. “I want you to know what you want to drink when I walk up, maybe even throw in a food order. No questions about the food menu. If you have an allergy, fine. I’ll take care of you, but be fast.”

According to the magazine Travel + Leisure, most restaurants in the U.S. expect to turn over a table two to three times a night, meaning a party of two is not expected to stay longer than about an hour and 45 minutes.

Stephen also suggests that if people are sitting at a table, they should actually spend money and order something.

“You can catch up with your buddy on a bench for free,” says Stephen, who jokingly described himself as a “professional server.”

While many agreed and resonated with the TikToker’s video, some were a little more critical of what seemed to be @jacobxstephen’s sarcastic—yet critical—delivery of advice to customers.

“One brunch my entire section was campers,” one commenter said. “I’m talking 11 a.m. [to] 2:30 p.m., all bottomless mimosas, no food, so I left [with] nothing [because] ppl wanna get fancy wasted

“No questions about the menu? If I sit for a long time, I over tip but, don’t expect it if you give me this attitude,” another commenter said.

“My 5 years in hospitality is why I won’t go anywhere without looking at the menu first,” one commenter said. “I know my cocktail and food order as soon as I walk in the door.”

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