Protester Who Allegedly Called Prince Andrew A 'Sick Old Man' At Queen's Coffin Procession Explains Why He Did It

Prince Andrew was called a 'sick old man' in Edinburgh today, 12 September, while participating in the Queen's coffin procession.

The coffin, bearing the body of the monarch who reigned over the UK for over 70 years, travelled from her place of death at Balmoral Castle to Edinburgh yesterday (11 September).

Crowds of people lined the roads as the coffin made its journey, the first of several the Queen's body will make before her funeral on 19 September.

The coffin was today taken on a procession of Edinburgh with the new King Charles III and his siblings Anne, Andrew and Edward walking behind.

As the coffin passed by, members of the gathered crowd cheered Charles with shouts of 'God save the King', but one person had a different message directed towards Prince Andrew.

A member of the crowd shouted at Andrew that he was a 'sick old man' before officers moved him away, and he's since explained exactly why he shouted it.

"Powerful men shouldn't be allowed to commit sexual crimes and get away with it," he said.

Some members of the crowd tried to shove the protester as police moved him away, he fell to the ground as they got him away from the barriers and some people shoved him while he held his hands out for officers to pull him to his feet.

Another member of the crowd yelled 'get your hands off him' at the spectator who had pushed the protester, who said he'd 'done nothing wrong' as he walked away with the police.

The protester did not resist police as he was arrested and led away from the Queen's coffin procession, and was later filmed sitting down with his arms handcuffed behind his back.

Prince Andrew, who will be attending his mother's funeral and will be allowed to wear a military uniform for it, this year reached a settlement with accuser Virginia Giuffre.

He no longer faces a trial after reaching the out of court settlement; he has denied the accusations against him.

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