Prince William Reportedly Called Meghan Markle "That Bloody Woman" At Prince Phillip's Funeral

The saying goes that when you marry someone you’re actually marrying their entire family. In-laws are now part of your family, and like it or not, most people have to try to find a way to get along.
When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, she was marrying his entire family. Although the couple has stepped away from life as senior members of the royal family, they are still part of the family by blood. Harry will always be the Queen’s grandson, Prince Charles’s son and Prince William’s brother. Meghan will always be the Queen’s granddaughter-in-law, Prince Charles’s daughter-in-law and Prince William’s sister-in-law.

Although new information shows that the Queen seems to be supportive of Harry and Meghan, the opposite is being revealed about Prince William. The brothers are set to reunite on July 1st to unveil a statue in honor of their late mother, Princess Diana, but it may not signal reconciliation.

Before flying to the U.K. for the statue unveiling, the last time Harry was in the U.K. was for Prince Philip’s funeral. While many hoped that the funeral of William and Harry’s grandfather would help them move past any disagreements, the opposite seems to be true.

Long-time friends report that the brothers argued with each other after the funeral once they were out of view of the public and media. One friend shared, “The rage and anger between those two has grown so incredibly deep. Too many harsh and wounding things have been said.”

Being brothers, William and Harry have multiple friends in common, and many of their friends are not choosing sides. Instead, they can see both perspectives. William defends the royal family. Harry defends his wife. It makes sense.

Watch the video below to hear more about this feud between brothers including one quite insulting thing Prince William had to say about his sister-in-law.

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