Ohio elementary school is going viral for its hilarious drop-off lane signs

The new school year has started across the country and most likely parents are experiencing teething problems with the school drop-off lane. Every year, the same rants are shared because someone decided to hold up the line while they got out the car, brushed their kid's teeth and made them a home-cooked breakfast. It seems like a school in Ohio has come up with a solution to the dallying parents with these hilarious signs designed to move the traffic along.
Austintown Elementary School in Ohio has taken student drop-off to a whole new level. Now when parents drive up to drop off their kids, they're not only greeted with smiling faces but signs that jokingly tell them to move along. In a Facebook post that's starting to go viral, you can see the meme style yard signs lining the grassy area of the drop-off lane. According to the poster, the signs were created by the school's PTA and shared in its parent group. The signs probably seemed like a funny way to brighten people's day and keep the line moving, but parents across the platform are relating hard with the first weeks of school drop-off lane woes.
The signs include pop culture's favorites, like MC Hammer, TLC and, of course, Ross from "Friends" holding a couch while shouting "pivot!" What's nice is they're not blatant in-your-face scolding about being a Patty Parks-a-Lot in the dreaded drop-off lane, but a gentler but funny reminder to kick your kids out in a timely fashion.

It's generally assumed to be the kindergarten students' parents who just want one more kiss before their precious cargo walks into the building. Veteran parents joke about barely coming to a stop before they shoo their kid out of the car and speed off to get to work (or have mimosas with the neighbors). I've been the veteran parent for a while and can attest that there are definitely pep talks on the way to school on how to prepare to jump out as soon as the car stops. Some parents joke about acting like a drill sergeant shoving a backpack in their kid's arms while shouting "move, move, move" as they exit the vehicle.
It's all in good fun about a minor inconvenience. Every parent wants their children to get to school safely, while feeling loved and ready for the day. Drop-off lane efficiency increases as the school year goes on because everyone is now used to the routine. But some parents will always need reminders, and having these signs will do just that.

Hopefully everyone has a safe and happy school year. May your school drop-off lane move quickly, your coffee remain hot and your kids jump out of the car like tiny Navy Seals so you can get to work on time!

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