‘People Are Frightening’: Retail Worker Says Customer Stood On 5 T-shirts Because She Didn’t Want To Stand On The Fitting Room Floor

TikTok creator Ethan Carlson (@therealethancarlson) has identified a new breed of retail customers—those that refuse to step on the fitting room floor.

In a viral video, the New York City-based actor, composer, and retail worker claims a woman came into the store and asked him to pull five shirts for her among the other garments she grabbed. Instead of trying them on, Carlson explains, she put them on the ground.

“The other day at work a woman ruined five T-shirts, and when I say ruined, I mean the T-shirts went to their grave,” he says in the clip, which has received nearly 100,000 views as of Friday.

After walking the woman to the fitting room and asking for the shirts, Carlson inquired about the size and type of shirt she would like him to pull. She told him that whatever works.

“I was like, great,” he explains. “Confused but great.”

He says she closed the curtain and threw the shirts on the floor, proceeded to take her shoes off, and would only step on the T-shirts. As she’s trying on clothes, Carlson says she’s twisting and turning on the shirts that are on the ground.

“Not stepping on the floor, because how dare she step on freshly mopped fitting room floors,” he says, outraged.

The woman eventually left the dressing room with one pair of paints in tow, he claims. Carlson then picked the shirts off the floor and asked if any of them worked for her.

“She goes ‘Oh I was never going to get those,’” he concludes. “People are frightening. Happy Halloween season.”

In the comments section, users shared their shock at the woman’s behavior.

“It really scares me that people like this are walking amongst us and we never know,” one user commented.

“I would’ve added them to her bill,” another said.

“Thing that scares me is at least one person will see this and say ‘oh that a great idea,’” a third user commented.

Carlson replied, “I know. I shouldn’t even be telling these stories for THAT REASON.”

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