Mom's 4-Year-Old Dies Unexpectedly And Tests Show Cinnamon In Spice Cabinet Killed Him

In 2015, four-year-old Matthew Radar managed to climb onto the kitchen counter and began playing with the spices inside the cabinet.
Just moments later, when his mom Brianna walked in and found him, she knew something was horribly wrong. Despite the fact Matthew was a perfectly healthy little boy, he was suddenly convulsing in a seizure-like state. He was also choking. She rushed him to the hospital.

An hour and a half later, Matthew passed away at the hospital. The coroner ruled it an accidental death.

Brianna went public with her horrifying warning in the hopes it can help just one family. "Matty man's story made the Lex 18 news and now CNN wants to share it nationwide," she told reporters. "That helps ease my breaking heart just a little to think that just maybe my baby's story can save even just one child's life."

What caused Matthew's tragic passing?

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