Mom shares teen daughter's warm gesture in honor of her dad's sobriety anniversary

A mom sparked an important discussion on sobriety on Twitter this week when she shared her daughter's thoughts about a very special day in her dad's life. Megan Aronson, an author and inspirational speaker, took to the microblogging platform on Sunday to recount a heartwarming conversation she had with the 15-year-old the night before the anniversary of her husband's sobriety journey. "Last night my 15-year-old stopped me and said, 'Mom, are you guys doing anything uh, celebratory tomorrow? Because I kind of think you should. You should celebrate,'" Aronson tweeted.

"I started crying at dinner. Today is 9 years since her dad reclaimed his life from opioid addiction. She gets it," she added. In another tweet, Aronson shared the adorable way in which the teen herself chose to mark the occasion. "She made me a brownie in a cup with a Hershey's kiss on top. One small way to celebrate 9 years of his sobriety today. I am so lucky," she wrote. Aronson's tweet quickly took off on the platform with many others who've experienced addiction themselves or have a loved one who's fighting substance abuse celebrating with the family.

"So nice to hear. My son is on his 4th stint in rehab now. Went to the worse section in Philly and OD'ed. 4narcan and CPR. Just shy of a year clean and boom!!! I would love to celebrate a year," tweeted @mccafusmc. "AWESOME! Way to go! I suffered from opioid addiction after multiple surgeries and I personally know how tough it is to walk away from the lies that opioids tell us. Your hubby is a strong-willed person. December 20th will be 4 years for myself," shared @FincherNickolas. "Every day of recovery and having your family back is a day of celebration... Congratulations to you both," wrote @cooldaddydino.

"What great insight! Recovery milestones should be a family celebration because it's a family disease I'm afraid. We don't recover alone. Ex-speedballer here with 25 years of recovery one day at a time," commented @themohawkcliff. Aronson later responded to the heartwarming reactions to her tweet, writing: "I'm in all my feels today. Amazing things have been happening and yesterday was 9 years sober for Kory. Our story is starting to make a difference & give people hope - that means more to me than anything. So I'm celebrating hard today & I just want to say... Thanks for being here."

"9 years ago I was standing in line at a food bank. My husband had just stolen all our [money] after I asked him to leave. He was days from an OD after injuring his back & getting hooked on opioids. I thought it was over. But then... He went to rehab and won me back. 9 years sober today," she added in another tweet. "Wow, thank you for the overwhelmingly beautiful response to our story! And thank you for sharing it so we can spread hope to others!!"

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