Mom of 14-year-old girl who died after touching downed electrical line shares daughter's final moments

However, all those plans will remain incomplete as young Elizabeth sadly passed away in a horrifying and unexpected tragedy.

Elizabeth’s mother Marthajean Hunter was present at the site when her daughter lost her life in front of her eyes. Elizabeth was electrocuted to death by touching a downed power line.

Her mother recalls the awful tragedy, “My daughter thought that it was a twig on the ground and went to go pick it up and 13,800 volts went through her body. It was a wire no smaller than a charger cord,” she said.

Her mother called Monroe police and fire rescue services. When help arrived on the scene, Elizabeth was still holding the wire but the rescuers were unable to help her till the power was disconnected. And by then, it was, unfortunately, too late.

“I was on the phone with 911 not knowing I watched her take her last breath which was not easy. I just wanted to rip that wire off of her,” her mom shared. The incident has left her mother feeling numb.

“Her pop is still sitting by the couch. She made a baked potato and some of it is still sitting on my dining room table. I don’t know what to do,” she said.

Her mother recalls the giving nature of her teenage daughter and says that she wanted to become a police officer when she grew up. Her mother described Elizabeth as a very giving girl, highlighted by the fact that in her death Elizabeth will be saving a lot of lives by donating some of her organs.

Her mother says life will never be the same for their family. “It’s not fair. She was a very bright, happy-go-lucky child,” she says.

Elizabeth’s teachers from middle school, Katie Nice and Shawn Polak remember their late student in glowing terms, describing the young girl as one-of-a-kind.

“We got a new student last year who really had a hard time emotionally and she made sure he became part of the group, and that sticks with me, him one day saying he’s never had friends before, but Elizabeth is who really fostered that,” Polak said.

Her teachers know the young girl’s memories and legacy will live on. “I don’t think any other student could replace her,” Nice said.

Her mother is holding on to one of the last things her daughter touched when she was alive; Elizabeth’s beloved Sofia the First blanket.

DTE Energy is paying for Elizabeth’s funeral, but a GoFundMe page has been set up for people wanting to donate money to support the family as they grieve this unimaginable loss.

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