Mom Attempts To Escape Abusive Husband When Teenage Movers Show Up With Plan To Save Her

Victims of abusive relationships looking to escape their situations often feel hopeless. The task of packing up, gathering their children, finding a new place to live, and leave the home before the abuser returns can be daunting. Sometimes, the moving expenses alone can prevent victims from leaving at all.
Enter Meathead Movers, a company founded by a pair of teenage high school students. Their amazing California-based moving company helps domestic abuse victims move out of their homes — completely free of charge.

"When Aaron and Evan Steed established Meathead Movers in 1997 as high school students, the frantic phone calls just started coming in from victims looking to flee dangerous domestic violence situations without financial means," says Caroline Callaway, a spokeswoman for the company.

One woman was routinely beaten by her ex-boyfriend while living with her teenage daughter and her baby. Meathead Movers stepped in and moved her, her daughter, and grandchild out of the home, then brought them full-size beds, a dresser, a dining table, chairs, and even a beautiful potted plant — all new additions to their brand-new home.

Meathead Movers is sometimes called to move a victim who's holding a mug shot of a domestic violence suspect, having to keep an eye out. One day, an abuser came home in the middle of a move, screaming at the movers and throwing heavy items at them in anger.

But these brave and selfless employees remain undeterred in these terrifying situations. That's because the team, made of predominantly young men, believe real men don’t hit women; real men help those in need.

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