‘I Enjoy Making Six Figures’: Mcdonald’s Manager Blasts Person Who Job-shamed Her

A woman went viral for her response to a comment from someone making fun of her choice to work as a manager at McDonald’s.

In a video with over 253,000 views, TikTok user @luck33one roasts a commenter asking “who WANTS to be a manager at McDonald’s,” saying she actually likes her job and makes good money doing it.

“Considering that we’re world’s largest restaurant chain, and we’re in over 100 countries, apparently a lot of people want to be managers at McDonald’s,” she observes.

Later in the video, @luck33one stresses that getting to where she is today took considerable effort.

“I didn’t just ‘get’ my job,” she details. “I worked very, very hard for it for a lot of years…I invested in it like a career, because that’s what this is. I’m a salaried employee.”

Being in this position has benefits, she notes.

“I don’t know about you, but I enjoy making six figures. I enjoy getting bonuses. I enjoy my job,” she says.

In comments, users agreed, with many congratulating @luck33one for securing a career with which she’s content.

“Congratulations. your job is a amazing job. we all need a job,” wrote a user. “Whatever you do it’s important and needed!”

“That’s not a job, that is a career,” added another. “It takes hard work & skills!”

Other users shared their own success stories featuring people in situations similar to @luck33one.

“I made 98000 last year managing a gas station,” claimed a user. “I get people who job shame me all the time. and I’m like okay.”

“My daughter is 20 and a manager at a McDonald’s in Los Angeles now,” a second wrote in the comments of another video. “She loves it.”

“My brother manages a Buckees (large gas station/convenience store) and makes six figures. It’s wild,” a further user stated.

For context, Glassdoor estimates that General Managers at McDonald’s earn just over $96,000 annually on average.

Above all, users stressed the importance of not judging someone for their job.

As one user wrote, “There is dignity in all work!”

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