‘No Wonder Some Amazon Skincare Products Are Sketchy’: Woman Shares How She Profits From Selling Marshalls Merchandise On Amazon

A TikToker shared in a viral video how she makes $15,000 on Amazon per month by reselling merchandise from other stores.

Yamie (@yamie_the_realtor) posted a TikTok on Sept. 10 showing her process and the costs she incurs from selling merchandise she purchased from other stores and/or retailers on Amazon. In her video, she takes the price tags off of two Sephora primers, which she says she bought at Marshalls for $3.99 each and sold on Amazon for $22.54 each.

Yamie explains that she buys postage to ship the primers to customers from Amazon, which ends up costing her a little over $8.00.

“I do not send anything to the Amazon warehouse, I keep everything on hand at home,” Yamie says in her TikTok. “The profit is bigger.”

Yamie says she is paid every two weeks and shows her payouts—all of which are more than $4,000, some over $7,000.

On Thursday, Yamie’s video had almost 280,000 views on TikTok.

In the video’s comments, Yamie added that she sells any products that she deems would have a good return on investment, including wholesale items.

Commenters on Yamie’s video wanted a step-by-step explanation of how to become an Amazon seller and turn profits like she does. (Yamie offers a paid course and makes many videos about her experience as an Amazon seller.)

Other commenters added more information about Yamie’s method.

“It costs $40 a month to be an Amazon seller,” @livinglavita commented. Per the Amazon website, a professional selling plan costs $39.00 per month.

“A lot of hair stuff you find at TJ Maxx are not the real product inside as well as most hair are lines are very strict on reselling,” @ashleyshaircraft, who identified themselves as a hairstylist, commented. “So just be careful with [reselling] hair products.”

But according to Business Insider, TJ Maxx buys excess inventory from directly from brands and department stores and negotiates prices as low as possible to be able to sell the products at a discount. (Marshalls and TJ Maxx are owned by the same parent company, TJX Companies Inc.)

Some commenters, having seen Yamie’s video, said that they are now more distrustful of products sold on Amazon.

“Never buying skincare from amazon again,” @gourmandqueen commented.

“No wonder some Amazon skincare products are sketchy,” @nicole.malloy wrote. “I support the grind but I’ve gotten some products that are diluted with alcohol and it’s scary.”

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