‘It’s Like An Invasion Of Privacy And Fat Shaming All At The Same Time’: Remote Worker Says Lunch-shaming Is The Reason To Continue To Working From Home

Remote workers cite many reasons for wanting to stay at home rather than returning to the office. People working remotely report more free time and higher productivity than their in-office colleagues while also saving commuting time and gasoline money.

But working remotely has other benefits, says TikToker Matt (@mattandjones). Namely, no one can comment on food choices.

“If you were to ask me the determining factor in me continuing to work a remote job as opposed to going back into an office job, it would be the fact that, when I make myself lunch here in the comfort of my home, there’s nobody around to comment on it,” he explains.

In the caption, he adds: “Its like an invasion of privacy and fat shaming all at the same time.”

The video currently has over 180,000 views.

While it may seem like a minor complaint, many users on the internet have agreed with Matt in saying that lunch-shaming is a significant issue in an office environment.

“The running commentary didn’t just make me question my culinary choices. It made me feel like my fellow desk jockeys cared as much as I did about what I was eating. And I care, a whole lot,” explained author Lizz Schumer for Good Housekeeping.

Additionally, as Matt shows in a skit later in the video, there is generally no meal that satisfies the desires of a lunch-shamer.

“At my college job, other employees asked why I subjected myself to 280-calorie frozen diet meals, and then raised their eyebrows when people ate ‘too much’ fast food. At my first job after graduation, I shared an office with a guy who always expressed his surprise if I bought lunch several days in a row instead of bringing it myself,” recalled author Amanda Mull in the Atlantic. “After being laid off, I embarked on a 10-year career in fashion, where we talked a lot about juice fasts and an intern once fussed at me for ordering a chicken quesadilla.”

According to TikTok commenters, stories like these are common.

“Someone ALWAYS needs to tell you they can’t eat something you’re having. I did NOT ask,” one user wrote.

“Coworker asked how many calories in my trader joe’s lunch. read package, 370. she goes ‘oh so that’s a TREAT then, I couldn’t have that,’” another added.

“Every single job I’ve had, men comment on how much I eat. I used to be anorexic,” a third shared. “They’re lucky I have a good therapist LMAO.”

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