‘This Is Exactly How I Got All My Jobs’: Worker Says The Key To Job Interviews Is To Be Enthusiastic

TikTok is overflowing with job interview tips, ranging from questions applicants should ask recruiters to ways to spice up one’s resume. Now, another tip has gone viral, and it’s all about enthusiasm.

Erin McGoff (@erinmcgoff) is a filmmaker who uses her platform on TikTok to offer career advice and share other aspects of her life. As part of this series, she posted a video about job interviews, quickly accruing over 176,000 views.

“I swear, half of being good at job interviews is just being enthusiastic,” she says. “Like, all you have to do is just be excited.”

She then offers two examples of the same message, one delivered with a cold, straightforward demeanor and the other with more positive language and a smile.

“That’s literally all it is,” she concludes.

There’s some data to back this up. According to U.K.-based recruiting firm Heat Recruitment, their internal data suggests that “4 in 10 employers would reject a candidate if they showed no enthusiasm.”

On TikTok, viewers spoke to the veracity of Erin’s statement.

“This is exactly how I got all my jobs hahaha,” wrote one user. “just smile and be happy to be there.”

“So true!! Be friendly. It’s a big plus,” added another. “I always get compliments for my personality.”

“So true. Energy is everything in interviews,” offered a third. “Engaging with the interviewer in an enthusiastic way and asking questions will get you far.”

A further user said that, even as an introvert, exuding enthusiasm and confidence led them to success. “I’m an anxious introvert and I literally EXUDED confidence for a week straight. Got 5 interviews. Got 5 offers,” they explained.. “Now I can be tired and quiet again.”

However, some claimed the tip wasn’t universal.

“Not in Germany trust me. They HATE enthusiastic people here,” laughed a commenter.

“I literally got told by a hiring manager that I was not getting the job because I was too excited man,” claimed a second.

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