‘It’s 3pm, There’s 4 Of Us Running The Whole Store’: Starbucks Worker Shares Psa About Frappuccinos

A Starbucks barista’s video serves as a public service announcement to customers: When a store seems understaffed and busy, maybe it’s best to avoid ordering a Frappuccino.

In a video that was posted on Monday and has nearly 230,000 views, Landon Jones (@allclearforlandon) stands in the back of what appears to be a Starbucks store in uniform. He seems to let out a big sigh in the clip.

“It’s 3pm there’s 4 of us running the whole store, 2 people still need breaks,” the text overlay reads. “The drive thru line is wrapped around the building and everyone is ordering frappes.”

Viewers had some suggestions for Jones, including lying to customers and preventing customers from placing mobile orders.

“Sorry, our frappe machine is currently down. Would you like any other item?” one viewer said.

“Close the store for a little while you all take a break if your boss gets mad at you, explain that they need to have a better prepared team,” another said.

“Happened at my store once. We shut the drive thru and turned off mobile orders,” a third added.

In 2021, mobile orders made up more than 26% of all Starbucks orders, according to GeekWire. Stores have the ability to make items unavailable or turn off mobile ordering altogether.

Other baristas in the comments section piled on Frappuccinos.

“I swear. and i feel like frappes take the longest to make when the line is long,” one said.

Frappuccinos come in two different types: Coffee Frappuccinos and Creme Frappuccinos. The Coffee Frappuccinos, available in 11 different flavors, consist of coffee, milk, ice, and flavoring. Creme Frappuccinos, available in 10 different flavors, are made similarly but without the coffee.

It’s no secret the drink is not a favorite among baristas at the chain. Starbucks baristas, on TikTok specifically, have been very vocal about their distaste for making the drink, especially during a rush. Some flavors, like the mocha Cookie Crumble or Caramel Ribbon Crunch, are evidently more time-consuming to make. A hack known among workers is to “batch” the Frappuccinos, or to make more than one Frappuccino at a time by loading up a blender with ingredients. It’s impossible, however, to batch Frappuccinos when there are customizations to the orders, as noted by one viewer.

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