‘Exactly Why I Resigned From My Job Last Friday And Start A New One This Week… Know Your Worth Ppl’: Career Expert Says The Hard Workers Are Quitting Their Jobs

A viral video from career coach Tanya Uyigue about why so many hard-working people are quitting their jobs has viewers agreeing with her take on bad management practices.

“[Employees] are tired of being overlooked,” she says to the camera. “They’re tired of you taking them for granted. It’s a new day.”

Uyigue claims that so many people she knows are quitting their jobs. And this isn’t just quiet quitting. She says employers should be worried because the ones that are leaving their jobs are “the people who the company cannot really afford to lose.”

Uyigue specifically calls out managers who don’t treat their employees fairly and with respect.

“You take for granted the people who come in and just do a good job everyday,” she says. She urges employers not to ignore the workers who aren’t extroverted and sucking up to upper-lever management because “they’re tired of being overlooked, they’re tired of [managers] taking them for granted.”

The video has amassed over 23,0000 views as of Sept. 14, with commenters largely agreeing with Uyigue. Many expressed how they felt underappreciated in their workplace.

“Honestly I’m tired of being the reliable one. The go to. The example. Getting more responsibility than everyone else. Just tired,” said one user. Uyigue responded. “You don’t need the stress. You obviously have gifts & you can be compensated well for them.”

“Me listening while working on my resume,” another said.

Uyigue also expresses suspicion at the fact that when hard-working employees quit, most get “a counter offer.”

However, she argues, if employers have the money, they should be paying their workers better and promoting their diligent employees to begin with. They shouldn’t wait to improve conditions under the threat of losing the employee.

“If you’re management right now you need to assume everyone on your staff is looking for a job and if you can do something about it you better do something about it now,” Uyigue warns.

Several commenters agreed with that sentiment and shared their own experiences of quitting.

“Exactly why I resigned from my job last Friday and start a new one this week… Know your worth ppl,” one user said.

“Just took a lateral position. Boss countered with 15% raise. I left poor management, not the role,” another said. “The counter offer told me what I already knew.

Uyigue told the Daily Dot she also has advice for unhappy workers who can’t or don’t want to quit yet.

“Have a conversation with your manager about challenges you’re having and be open to their feedback, but be prepared to share some possible solutions as managers don’t have all the answers,” she said. “Focus on your goals and why you’re there – what do you want professionally and how can you leverage your time there to reach those goals? Explore professional development opportunities and projects to build skills. This can be a win-win for you and the company.”

She also shared her advice for managers who are dealing with their hard workers quitting.

“Managers can accept that some stars will leave and that should be celebrated! You can’t always get the raises you want for your staff but you can learn to build relationships that make people to stay longer even when conditions are less than ideal,” she said.

She said there are some steps managers can take to get workers to stay.

“Managers can be flexible! Advocate for remote work and flexible schedules for employees. Providing autonomy for staff can be the difference between them leaving or staying,” Uyigue said.

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