‘Girl, You Know You’re Not Supposed To Be Here’: H-E-B Worker Calls Out Customer For Wanting To Use The Express Lane While Having More Than 15 Items

An H-E-B worker went viral on TikTok after encountering a woman trying to check out more than 15 items in an express lane.

User Yainara (@yagirlyainara) posted a nineteen-second clip, featuring her at the express lane’s register at H-E-B. Yainara recounts her story about a difficult customer forcing herself into the express lane, knowing she had more than the limit of 15 items.

In the clip, Yainara says the lady nonchalantly announced that she’s going to check out more than 15 items and Yainara stops her from doing so, telling her no.

“Girl, you know you’re not supposed to be here,” Yainara says in the clip.

The video has amassed over 180,000 views since it was posted on Sept. 20, sparking a debate in the comments with many siding with Yainara.

“It’s literally to keep the lines shorter so to have someone with more than 15 items hold up the entire line with all their stuff making the line long,” one viewer commented.

“YES TELL THEM NO SEND THEM AWAY! i love watching them walk away,” a second said.

“I no longer work for HEB but this Still bothers me! 15 or less,” a third agreed.

“I used to tell them no all the time and the managers always had my back on it,” a fourth stated.

Others disagreed with Yainara, bringing up different examples as to why they would go to the express lane despite having more than 15 items.

“Okay i went to an express lane with 20 items cause it was a 40 min wait in the regular lane im like 5 more items???” one person asked.

“Yeah but sometimes the managers or whoever is directing the registers tells us to go to the 15 or less,” a second shared.

Yainara replied to the comment, writing, “that’s not what i’m talking about tho, at our store they never send them all the way down where i was.”

Yainara posted a follow-up video, emphasizing that customers with 15 items or fewer should go in the express lane. In the caption, she stated that she “will die on this hill.” She went on to explain how most people claim to only have 17 or 20 items but in reality, will have 40 items or more in the express lane. For that reason, she doesn’t care if they only have one item more than the limit, she will send them away to a different checkout lane. In addition to the deception, Yainara doesn’t want other customers to have to wait on the person with more items out of inconvenience.

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