‘How Is Starbucks Going To Recover From This?’: Starbucks Barista Says They Were Fired For ‘Theft And Misuse Of The Discount Button,’ Giving $90-worth Of Free Items To Customers

A Starbucks employee who says they were fired for giving discounts to customers and not providing a two-weeks’ notice has gone viral on TikTok for sharing their experience.

In a video posted to the platform that has been viewed more than 137,000 times, Roman (@nicolemontego) says they provided several days’ notice, but not the full two weeks.

“So I got fired from Starbucks today, and the reason is kind of iconic,” they say in the video. “So I am starting a new job tomorrow and I couldn’t give a notice until yesterday and my manager was like, ‘you know you can never work at Starbucks again, because you’re not working an extra two weeks,’ and I’m like, ‘OK. And what? It’s Starbucks. I didn’t work here that long anyway.'”

This led Roman to give out discounted items to a variety of customers.

“So I was like, shit, if I can never work at Starbucks again, (I’ll) give out a bunch of free shit. So I did. And that’s the reason. But what I said is hilarious,” they add.

Roman then begins reading from the notice of separation they received upon termination.

“‘This document is Roman’s notice of separation for theft and misuse of the discount button,'” they read. “How am I stealing? Like if it was stealing, the inventory would be missing and you wouldn’t know where it went. But because I was putting it in the register, and accounting for it, because that’s somebody else’s job and I don’t want to fuck them up, that’s not stealing, that’s me giving a discount. Also, why have the discount button in the first place if you don’t want people giving out discounts? I asked her, and she was like, ‘I don’t know. You shouldn’t have that button.'”

The TikToker goes on to read from the notice that the company fired them over giving 12 individual 100% discounts to customers totaling over $90. According to the notice they read in the video, the discounts are being categorized as theft by the company.

“Oh my god you guys, how is Starbucks going to recover from this,” Roman says in the video, before continuing to read the notice. “‘When asked about the discounts, Roman stated it was no big deal and it was his last day anyway. So aloof.’ It is my last day anyway, and I don’t want to work here ever again. And you already said that I could never work here again, so I will go out with a bang.”

Some viewers praised Roman for the choice to share discounts on their last day.

“Iconic thank you for your service,” one commenter wrote.

“You’re a hero,” another viewer said. “I managed a McDonald’s once and literally gave away free cookies constantly—anytime we had any glitches, free cookies.”

“As an ex Starbucks employee—I love this,” a third stated. “Our store got in trouble for ever using the button. After they told us to daily!”

Many joked about the $90 loss to the company.

“I’m surprised 12 orders only equaled 90 dollars with their exorbitant prices,” one commenter claimed.

“They make 90 dollars off two drive-thru orders,” a second wrote. “As a former starbies manager, you go sis.”

“Noooo not $90 how will they survive,” a further viewer added.

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