‘I Was Shocked’: Customer Pulls Up To Dunkin’ Drive-thru Only To Find A Portion Of The Menu Missing

In a viral TikTok video, a woman discovers that a part of the Dunkin’s menu is missing when she pulls up to their drive-thru.

User Shaniece (@beingshaniece) drives up to Dunkin’s drive-thru menu board when she notices a chunk of the menu on the screen is gone.

“Ah! The menu is missing!” Shaniece screams in the video to her 81,000 followers. This prompts the worker in the drive-thru to say that her manager is fixing the menu.

As if the missing menu wasn’t enough, all of the drinks Shaniece ordered weren’t available. At first, she orders an ice butter pecan only to find out Dunkin’ discontinued it. Next, she attempts to order the hazelnut but it wasn’t available. The Pumpkin Spice didn’t catch Shaniece’s interest. Finally, she settles on a caramel iced coffee suggested by the worker.

The video has amassed over 632,000 views as of Saturday. Many users shared their reactions to the missing menu and Shaniece’s screaming.

“The scream and the response I caannOOTTT,” content creator Alonzo Lerone commented.

“AHH THE MENUS MISSING,” a user wrote.

Another user asked why Shaniece was screaming to which she replied, “Half of the menu was missing I was shocked.”

Other people commented on the Dunkin’ worker’s voice, giving it all sorts of compliments from seductive to soothing to even sounding like Alicia Keys.


“Her voice is so lovely I could listen to her talk forever,” a second wrote.

“why she sound so seductive,” a third asked.

A fourth person asked if the woman was attractive.

Another pointed out how the worker sounds like Alicia Keyes and asked if Shaniece and the worker were flirting.

“Sounds like Alicia Keys in “you don’t know my name.” y’all flirting? lol,” they wrote.

Shanice responded to both comments by writing, “No she was a old lady in her 50s. Heck no she trying to use her cute voice to get them old men that come through there.”

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