‘I’m The Only One In Here’: Teen Dunkin’ Worker Is Left To Run Store Alone While Boss Goes To Bank

In a viral TikTok, 18-year-old Emily Gregg (@emilymeowmeow9) shares the behind-the-scenes of working at Dunkin’ alone. Her boss had gone to the bank, she says, leaving Gregg as the only employee at the store.

“Hello, this is me alone at Dunkin,’ getting some hash browns,” she says in the clip. “I’m the only one in here because my boss is at the bank and we’re doing a little vloggy vlog because I’m bored.”

Gregg noted that she was about to make fresh coffee and stock the cups while her boss was gone. While doing so, she talked to the camera and made a pumpkin spice latte for a customer.

“I’m very nervous because it is 2:20 so school just got out for a lot of the high schools nearby,” she continues. “My boss is back so bye.”

In the comments section, her followers and other users expressed their love for the vlogs.

“THESE R SO FUNN DO MORE,” one user commented.

“Do more of these i miss working there,” another said.

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