‘What Is The Need For A Small Order Fee?’: Doordash Customer Calls Out ‘unnecessary’ Fees Resulting In $23 Milk Tea Order

In a viral TikTok video, a DoorDash customer shares his complaints regarding the extra fees added to his single order of milk tea.

In a short clip, user @k_waltzz shares a screenshot of his order receipt. What was initially a single milk tea for $6.50 resulted in a total bill of nearly $23, after taxes, a delivery fee, a service fee, and a $3 tip.

“Y,all, the milk tea was $6.50,”@k_waltzz says, flabbergasted. “How did we get to $22.93?”

However, one fee irked the TikToker the most—a small order fee of $2.50.

“What is the need for a small order fee?” @k_waltzz asks. “The whole point of the order was a fucking small order.”

The video amassed over 323,000 views since it was shared yesterday. In the comments, many shared their experiences similarly facing excessive fees for DoorDash orders.


“NO FR i paid 21 for a $6 boba,” a second commented.

“I uninstalled doordash cos my $21 order + $8 tip went up to $61 cos of fees the restaurant is literally 2 miles from me I’ll just pick it up atp,” a third wrote.

Other viewers shared specific fees they were charged—similar to @k_waltzz’s small order fee.

“Chicago had a 1.50 fee called the Chicago fee for awhile,” one person wrote.

“babes they charged me a FUEL SHORTAGE FEE!?!?” a second commented.

“I got an ‘expanded range fee’ for something 3 miles away from me,” a third said.

Some of these fees may be a result of the local legislation to help restaurants during the pandemic. In 2021, DoorDash imposed increased fees on customers to counteract local limits on delivery charges for restaurants, per Restaurant Business.

“Operating our platform, paying and insuring Dashers, and ensuring high-quality service can be expensive, which is why in many markets where local governments have passed pricing regulations, we have begun charging customers a small additional fee,” a DoorDash spokesperson told Restaurant Business.

@k_waltzz isn’t the only TikToker to share their frustrations with the high price they paid for a delivery order. In June, one creator went viral after revealing that their Buffalo Wild Wings delivery order totaled up to $53 after fees.

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