‘You Don’t See Me Waiting For You To Leave?’: Server Slams Customers Who Stay Over An Hour Past Closing Time

Staying 10 minutes past a restaurant’s closing may not be the most horrible thing in the world. But stay an hour or more and it’s likely your presence is not only unwanted but extremely inconsiderate.

In a recent video, TikToker Jacey (@jaceycamryn), who describes herself as part of “servertok” and “therapytok,” disclosed a recent experience she had covering a shift and waiting on customers who stayed an hour past closing time.

She starts off the TikTok with a pointed rhetorical question: “What is wrong with you bitches?”

“This is not the 1970s diner scene where you stay past close, and you see the guy in the back moping and you’re in love and you’re talking and you’re sharing your coffee and you’re finishing a drink,” the server says in the video. “This is not a 24/7 diner. We closed an hour ago. What are you still doing here? Why can I see your face and why can you see mine?”

Jacey says she understands if people are finishing drinks 10-30 minutes past close, but it becomes infuriating if customers stay long enough that staff has already started leaving an establishment for the night. The TikToker also criticized customers that move tables around without staff approval and seat themselves without waiting for the hostess. The customers Jacey describes in her video, also left a measly tip for her friend who was their waitress, she says.

“And to have the audacity to rack up a $650 bill and tip my home girl $21, let’s do the math really quick,” Jacey recalls. “You kept us an hour and a half past close for less than 4%? I never want to see your face again.”

Commenters easily sympathized with the service worker.

“I had a table come in 15mins before we closed. I sat them [and] the lady asked, ‘I know y’all close soon, but we’re gonna stay later. Is that okay?’” one commenter said.

Jacey replied, “Why do they ask knowing it’s absolutely not?”

“My favorite [question] is ‘How much time do we have?’ as they see the TVs off, music off, an empty restaurant, and us just standing there waiting for them,” another commenter said.

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