‘Having A Job Made Me Realize That People Don’t Clean Their House’: Panera Employee Calls Out Co-workers Who Don’t Know How To Sweep

In a viral TikTok video, a Panera employee calls out his co-workers who don’t know how to sweep the floors. The creator, Jacob (@jjmonaye) claims this is a sign that they don’t sweep their own homes.

“Having a job made me realize that people don’t clean their house,” Jacob says at the beginning of the clip.

The TikToker then jokingly imitates an interaction with his co-workers. “Do you want to sweep while I do the microwaves?” he asks, before comedically recreating his coworkers’ poor sweeping in his bedroom.

“I held my broom like that when I was 11,” he added in the caption.

Jacob posted the video on Aug. 22, and it has since racked up over 1.9 million views.

For many viewers, the video resonated with their own work experiences.

“LITERALLY like how do u not know how to sweep……” one user wrote.

“No fr and they’re like what do i do with the dirt afterwards?” another said.

“I once watched a new hire literally sweep the same spot side to side like in a cartoon,” a third claimed. “Not moving the dirt, just standing there sweeping side to side.”

Another questioned, “like HOW have you never had the situation come up where you have to sweep?”

Some, however, offered reasons as to why they may sweep poorly at their jobs.

“Bye cus this is lowkey how i sweep at work,” one commenter claimed.

“Sweeping at work just makes me nervous i feel like every1 is judging me,” another reasoned.

“Coworker explained his lack sweeping skills with ‘i’m more of a vacuum guy,’” a third suggested.

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