‘On To Better Blessings’: Chick-fil-A Worker Quits After 7 Years

A Chick-fil-A worker went viral on TikTok when she quit her job, which she held at the fast food chain for seven years.

The video features Khyani (@khylanifelice) clocking out for the final time with a massive smile, as she reveals to her 54,000 her decision to leave.

“Excited I’m leaving my first job after 7 years,” Khyani wrote in the text overlay.

However, she then shows an image of her working at Chick-fil-A when she first started seven years ago.

“I quit?” the text reads.

Khyani doesn’t specify the reason she quit her job. However, she did note in the caption that Chick-fil-A was her first job and that she is now moving on to a better opportunity.

“ PLEASE [Pleading Face Emoji] I’m so happy for me ughh SO BITTERSWEET #fyp #chickfila #firstjob on to better blessings,” she wrote in the caption.

The video has racked up 1.6 million views since it was posted Sept. 16. The comments were flooded with love and support from viewers.

“That experience and length of your employment there is going to look amazing on that resume !!” one viewer said.

“Aww congratulations,” a second wrote.

“on to better things !!!” a third commented.

Another viewer noted that they recently left their own job of six years. “6 years for me. happy you’re moving onto something different,” they added.

Others commended Khyani for sticking it out at her first job, since many said they quit long before then.

“i’m a year and 3 months in at canes, not sure when to go because anything out there has to be terrible and not as good as what i’m getting now,” one person shared.

‘Girl you better than me I quit after 3 months so,” a second said.

“No bc I thought I’d be working at cfa forever, had to quit a year into working there when they put me on iPads all day every day,” a third stated.

In a previous video, Khyani shares a countdown to her last day at the fast food chain. She shares the same excitement in her viral video as the days go by—despite the bittersweetness of it.

Recently, workers have been quitting their jobs in droves, a trend labeled “the Great Resignation.” By the end of 2021, over 4 million people left their jobs. According to Zippia, the food service industry was hit the hardest, with 892,000 workers leaving.

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