‘I Wouldn’t Be Able To Stand The Smell’: Tiktoker Shares The Worst Thing She Puts Up With At Her New York City Apartment Because Of Cheap Rent

In the notorious concrete jungle that is New York, rent prices have skyrocketed since the pandemic began. In a viral video, TikToker Caroline Gelgot (@notfromdenmark) shared the view outside her apartment– something she sacrificed for the sake of cheap rent.

“What’s the worst thing you experienced in a New York City apartment that you put up with because it was cheap rent?” the original video she stitched from another TikToker asked.

Gelgot then pans to her view outside of her first-floor apartment window which consists of an alleyway full of garbage bags stacked on top of each other.

In a response to a user, Gelgot revealed she resigned from her lease.

The comments section is full of users cracking jokes and stating they would never be able to live there.

“I wouldn’t be able to stand the smell or potential roaches and rodents,” one user said.

“‘Gated community with easy access to recycling,’” another user joked.

“Do you just toss [your trash] out the window and into the pile? If so, that’s definitely a convenient amenity,” a third user commented.

In an update video, Carol shared that she pays about $1,925 a month to live there. She clarifies that when she signed her lease a year ago, she was paying about $1575, which already included a discount due to COVID-19. Carol also wrote in a comment that her apartment was in fact a studio, and while she hated the view, she admitted it was a nice apartment.

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