‘Instead Of Giving Us A Livable Wage’: Gamestop Worker Says Store Wants To Offer A Piece Of Candy As An Incentive For Good Work

A GameStop employee is calling the company out after allegedly hearing managers discussing candy as a suitable incentive for doing a good job.

Cody (@collvin) looked frustrated as he walked through his GameStop, recounting to viewers how he just came across a phone call meeting between managers and regional managers in the back of the store.

“They were talking about how do they incentivize their workers to do better, to make more sales, to engage with the customer more,” he says.

Without specifying numbers, he briefly goes into accusations the store doesn’t pay a livable wage, despite workers recently receiving a “laughable” raise that he says felt more like “a spit in the face.”

This is notable because Cody says his store has a requirement that everyone working there must be at least 18, so it’s not a job populated by teenagers who may not have as many financial responsibilities.

“But back to my point, when I walked back there into the call with all of these managers and they’re discussing this, this is what they said,” he continues. “To incentivize us—workers—put out a basket of candy. When they do well, they can have a piece of candy.”

“This is verbatim. I am not making this up. This is an actual thing that was said by managers and regional managers. To incentivize us, instead of giving us money to maybe pay our bills, they want to give us candy,” he says.

Cody calls the suggestion “unacceptable,” and it is apparent that viewers agreed with him.

“I have a personal policy to not eat company provided food. Pay me more. That’s all I want for return of my efforts,” wrote @healariousbear.

“Did they at least offer a pizza party as well?” @ryan22munion joked. “Mention they should tell everyone [you’re] all a family.”

“If these managers spent time working at the same pay as the employees they manage, that minimum pay would go [up emojis],” suggested @joshjustchilln.

Employees expressing frustration over the amount of time and effort management puts into all sorts of alternatives to actually paying them reasonable money is a common trend on TikTok.

“This is the bullshit right here is why nobody wants to work a fucking job, because this is the kind of shit we get,” Cody says. “We get candy. We get fucking candy. Are you serious?”

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