California Mom Discovers Drone That Keeps Hovering Outside Her Teen Daughter's Window

Modern technology has allowed humanity to accomplish many amazing feats. Examples include space exploration and medical breakthroughs. The downside of this is technology has also opened us up to new challenges like criminal invasion of privacy.
This was the case in Huntington Beach, California, when a mother discovered a drone hovering near her daughter’s window. It appeared to be acting as a “Peeping Tom” on the young woman. This was not the first time a drone had been spotted near their home. It alarmed the family enough to call the police to report it and tell neighbors through a post on the app Nextdoor.

The concerned unnamed mother recounted the experience to Inside Edition: “I could hear a drone. And then I just was walking up and I realized one kind of swooped down and was only, like, maybe five feet from me, looking right in.” She said her daughter could not hear the drone because the television was on.

The mom added: “For her not to know that that was just sitting there viewing … which, she’s in there, you know. I don’t want her seen, I don’t want anyone that close.” She believes the drone’s actions were nefarious in nature. “That’s an easy way to Peeping Tom. I mean, if they can come right into your window and be looking in, that’s a problem.”

It is not only a problem but also a crime. A civil trial attorney, Eric Traut, explains, “The laws are kind of catching up with the technology now, fortunately. So, you could have a drone that’s half a mile away videotaping somebody in their bathroom or bedroom and be in violation of the civil code section. It’s also a violation of penal code.” He suggests that if this happens to you, take photos and videos of the drone in question for evidence and report it to the police.

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