Biographer Says That Prince Philip Only Had One Complaint About Queen Elizabeth During Their 73-Year Marriage

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, has recently passed away on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99, leaving behind his now widowed spouse, Queen Elizabeth II.
The two were married for a whopping 73 years—over seven decades of true love. It truly makes you wonder what, if anything, did they ever argue about.

While the two were truly happy in their marriage, there was one thing that Prince Philip really couldn’t stand about Queen Elizabeth. In all of those years they were together, she’d do this pretty consistently—and while he loved her to bits, it truly drove him nuts.

It was “always being on the phone,” Prince Philip’s biographer Gyles Brandreth (and friend of Prince Philip’s) recently came forward with.

“He said to me, ‘God, she’s never off the phone. Never off the phone. Who is she talking to?’” the royal author recalled on a recently episode of the British TV program “Lorraine.” On the show, he chatted about his 40-year friendship with Prince Philip.

We can just picture a young Philip rolling his eyes at a young Elizabeth, chatting away on a rotary. “It was the only time he ever complained about the queen,” Brandreth continued. “He knew his whole life was supporting the queen. He never put a foot wrong, he always turned up right day, right uniform, on time, one step behind her.”

So who WAS she on the phone with all the time? Apparently, it was her racing manager raising their phone bill. She’d chat a lot about her horses, one of her passions, almost every evening.

Despite the phone fights (which obviously were pretty small), the two had a very loving relationship. The queen, who is not usually very public in her affection toward Philip or anyone for that matter, once called him “her rock” in public. Philip had a cute nickname for her as well: Lilibet. However, he always called her “The Queen” when outside their home.

The two were also big family people—they had four children: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, as well as eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. He is surely to be missed.

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