“Has Anyone Else Made A ‘Backwards’ Career Move Like This?”: Worker Leaves Corporate Job To Be ‘Happier’ As Barista, Sparking Discussion

Last year, 53% of Americans who quit their jobs made a career change, per CNBC. Some of these career changes were minor, while others completely restructured their lives to pursue a passion or other interest.

While it’s unclear when she switched careers, TikTok user Mandy recently accumulated over 12,000 views after claiming that quitting her corporate job to work as a barista has left her “…happier, more grounded” and “more financially secure.”

In the video, Mandy shows her before-work schedule. This includes getting ready at 3:20am, eating breakfast, then getting to work before 4am.

“Financial wellness didnt click for me until I finally left the desk job that was draining me to return to the barista role I loved,” she wrote in the caption. “Up until that point, doing anything unconventional or making any move not seen as financially sound TERRIFIED ME.”

“I am forever grateful that I took the leap (or step backward as many, many people told me) bc I’ve never been happier, more grounded, or more financially secure,” she continued. “There are no rules, do what works for you.”

In addition to being a barista, Mandy uses her profile and platform to offer budgeting tips for fellow baristas and people on “all budgets,” per her profile.

In comments, users shared similar stories to Mandy.

“I relate to this DEEPLY!” wrote one user. “When my body is aching from all the physical requirements of being a bartender I think back to the misery I felt…”

“You know what I did the same move except instead of Starbucks I went to a family owned shop,” a second added.

“Omg I’m working an office job and Starbucks on the weekends. Been a partner for 7 years and truly miss being full time. Just doesn’t pay enough,” stated a third.

Others simply appreciated Mandy for following her heart.

“Love this. What works for some of us drains another,” explained a user. “We have to learn to live in sync with everyone’s frequencies.”

“This is a really good way to look at this,” echoed another.

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