‘Are You Afraid To Say Thank You?’: Amazon Worker Calls Out Customers Who Hide From Delivery Drivers

An Amazon delivery driver in West Palm Beach, Florida posted a video to TikTok demanding to know why customers who are outside their homes when a delivery driver arrives suddenly disappear inside without waiting to receive their orders face-to-face.

TikTok user Bri (@itsbribellaa) said customers retreat into their homes with a certain “quickness.”

“Like, come get your fucking package. I don’t know if that irritates me more than anything, but like, why walk in your house or close your garage door when you see us Amazon delivery drivers coming to you guys? Just take the package. It’s not that hard,” she said.

Commenters gave different reasons for purposefully avoiding contact with delivery drivers, with several citing COVID-19 concerns. Palm Beach County averages around 307 new cases of the virus per day in a state with the third-highest number of total cases in 2022, according to the New York Times and Statista, respectively.

Other users said feelings of anxiety keep them from approaching delivery drivers.

“Because I’m an introvert, I don’t do people,” one wrote.

Some commenters defended the habit, with one user accusing Bri of laziness under her original video.

“Regardless, you still have to deliver it. Do your job and stop being lazy,” the user wrote.

In a video responding to the comment, Bri disputed the user’s claim, describing the long, hot hours she spends delivering packages each day.

“One, I’m not being lazy, okay? Two, I live in the state of Florida. As of right now, it’s about 91 to 98 fucking degrees and it’s about four o’clock where I’m at. So technically, I’m not being lazy if I’m still doing it,” she said. “What you all fail to understand is I get to work at about nine o’clock and I don’t leave until about seven or eight o’clock at fucking night. So I’m here, basically slaving, every day.”

While it is not a requirement for Amazon customers to retrieve their packages directly from delivery drivers, it would be nice to be shown some “generosity” instead of struggling to carry large orders to front doorsteps alone, Bri says.

“If you see me and you know you have multiple packages coming to your house, just have the common courtesy to be like, ‘Alright, let me help her out a bit. I see I’ve ordered a lot. I can help her,’” she said.

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