After Manager Buys Customer’s Cake When She Can’t Afford It, Stranger Gives Her $400

Francisco Villegas had recently become the new manager at Price Chopper, a grocery store in Kansas City. He may have been new to the role, but his customers already loved him.
Alfonso Perez was standing in the checkout line when he spotted a female customer up ahead struggling to pay with her credit card. She was trying to buy a birthday cake, but her card was denied several times.

Feeling defeated, the disappointed woman asked the cashier to take the cake off her bill. The cashier called Francisco over the intercom to come help him remove the item and move the checkout line along.

But instead of doing what was asked, Alfonso watched in awe as the kindhearted supermarket manager took matters into his own hands.

"Every birthday deserves a birthday cake," Francisco said to the woman. And with that, he pulled out his own credit card and paid for the cake himself.

The woman was understandably shocked and practically moved to tears.

Alfonso was so affected by Francisco's selfless gesture that he shared the story on social media. But that wasn't all.

The next time Alfonso returned to the Price Chopper, he walked in and headed straight for Francisco with a surprise the store manager never saw coming.

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