‘This Influencer On Her Eighth Vacation This Year’: Worker Calls Out Influencer Complaining About People Not Wanting To Work

After an influential TikToker made a video criticizing BeReal users for taking photos while laying in their beds, one user has clapped back, calling the take “out of touch.”

In their video, user @dreamybitch111 shared a response to the idea that relaxing means someone is not hard working or productive.

“Finally relaxing after a long shift that I’ll have to repeat five times this week just to barely make rent and pay bills,” a text overlay on the video reads. “This influencer on her eighth vacation this year.”

This segues into a clip from a TikTok originally posted by influencer @taraswrld, where she criticizes users of photo-sharing app BeReal, asking if any of its users have a job because she has seen many users in bed when they take their photos.

“There is an alarming amount of people every time that BeReal goes off that are just in bed with the shades drawn and it makes me feel so good about myself,” @taraswrld says in the video. “I’m like, why are you in bed? Seems like nobody wants to work these days. Get your fucking ass up and work.”

Some viewers criticized @taraswrld for her take on working and productivity.

“I first found her account where she was doing back-to-back cruises,” one commenter wrote. “Like she’s entertaining but I wouldn’t say she’s hardworking.”

“She is so out of touch and each time she tries to explain herself it just further proves it,” another commenter wrote.

“The fact that’s it’s coming from HER!” a commenter wrote. “She’s making it sound like driving around to get food and buying stuff is hard work.”

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