77-Year-Old Florida Woman Rescued While Being Attacked By Alligator At Retirement Home

As one ages, one can become more aware of one’s mortality. Even so, alligator attacks are not typically a common fear. One woman in Florida faced this unusual and scary situation while out on a walk — and lived.
An unknown 77-year-old woman was walking near a retention pond inside the gated Del Webb retirement community in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. This is when the alligator attacked her. Neighbors heard her screams and quickly came to help her. They called for help and yelled at the alligator until it released her.

One of these neighbors, wildlife photographer Gordon Silver, said he had never seen anything like this before. He told WSVN, “Usually they run the other way, even when you see him on the path around here crossing over from pond to pond. They see a human and they take off."

Craig Madsen, battalion chief with the East Manatee Fire Rescue District, responded to the call. After the neighbors got the alligator off the woman, it retreated close by, only 2 feet away from the shore. From this spot, it eyed the rescuers. "His eyes were locked on us and luckily MSO was there to keep us safe and he had his weapon drawn just in case the gator did attack again."

The gator was eventually trapped and euthanized. It is believed someone had been feeding it, which caused its unusual behavior. The woman survived and is recovering in the hospital. The full extent of her injuries are not known at this time. Neighbor Gordan wants Florida residents to remember to be careful: "Every pond you come across, it could be a little small puddle, and there could be a gator in there."

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