2nd Grader Aged 7 Brings 2 Guns And Ammunition To School, AZ Officials Say

A second-grade student at an Arizona elementary school was allegedly discovered with two guns and ammunition in his backpack.
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The incident happened on August 29 when Cochise County Sheriff’s officials said they were called to Cochise Elementary School on reports that a seven-year-old student had a weapon.

After arriving at the school, authorities met with officials and the student and found that a handgun and ammunition were in his backpack, along with a second gun.

Deputies then contacted the student’s parents and gave the unidentified boy a juvenile referral for charges of misconduct with a weapon and a minor in possession of a firearm.

Check out the police statement below:

Cochise County Youth Referred for Weapons Brought to School On Monday August 29, 2022 the Cochise County Sheriff's...

Posted by Cochise County Sheriff's Office - Mark J. Dannels Sheriff on Tuesday, August 30, 2022

“It was discovered that a gun and ammunition was located inside of his backpack, and ultimately a second handgun was discovered as well,” the sheriff's office said.

Karl Uterhardt, the school’s superintendent and principal, told KGUN 9 that he searched the boy's backpack after another student reported seeing a firearm.

"I’ve searched backpacks and stuff and I’ve never found anything ever," Uterhardt told the outlet, adding that he ended up finding two loaded guns in the student's backpack.

The school official said they immediately called the Cochise County Sheriff's Office and the student's parents after assessing the incident.

"The sheriffs came in and they did their interview. Mom was there. We made sure we called the parents to make sure that they knew this was happening," said Uterhardt. "You hear about it in the news, you hear about things you never think it’s going to happen to you."
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The principal said the school staff will have a meeting this week to discuss safety protocols and examine different ways to move forward.

"I'm thanking god that it turned out the way that it did. You couldn't hope for a better result. I'm very happy with the kids that spoke up," Uterhardt said. "And as an administrator, you got to listen to the kids even if you think it's 'ehh'...you got to treat it seriously."

Carol Capas, the sheriff's spokeswoman, told Arizona Daily Independent that there were no reported threats involving the gun and praised the school staff for "controlling" the situation.

"We appreciate the school staff who assisted in controlling this situation immediately and taking the necessary steps to keep others safe," Capas added.

The spokeswoman also revealed that it is unlikely that the student's parents will face charges for the incident - which remains under investigation.

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