‘Sue For Being Held Hostage!’: Karen Lies Down Under Worker’s Car To Get Him To Carry Fridge

A TikToker captured a woman lying on the ground under his car to stop him from leaving her home after he delivered a refrigerator.

User @thottyyboyy posted a video on Thursday showing a white woman lying on the ground between his front and back tires while on the phone. He says, “She want me to hit her,” and the woman replies “No, I just want you to put the refrigerator in the house.”

“We can’t lift that thing. We don’t even have a dolly,” the woman tells him from underneath his car while another white woman looks on.

@thottyyboyy wrote in the video’s caption that he can’t “make this shit up.” On Monday, his TikTok had over 19 million views.

The TikToker posted two follow-up videos about the situation. In the first one, the woman is still seen under his car. In the second, @thottyyboyy explains the situation.

He says that he was supposed to drop off the refrigerator and that the women asked him to take their old refrigerator out of their house and put the new one in.

“So she tell me you ain’t going nowhere ’till it’s done,” @thottyyboyy says in his follow-up TikTok.

Commenters on @thottyyboyy’s viral video were split on what he should do.

“Put the fridge in the house for them,” @khalilslife commented.

“Probably didn’t pay for installation,” @lowerperspective wrote.

“I’m divided…your patience, the lady laying her ground,” @richardsanchez013 commented. “This is pure comedy.”

After hearing his explanation in the TikToker’s follow-up video, many commenters sided with him.

“Sue for being held hostage!” @kwild1992 commented.

“That’s an actual crime. Keeping you there against your will,” @elbakroop wrote.

“Had she offered you a couple $100, you may have helped,” @georgiajuels1 commented. “No money, no moving!”

The concept of false imprisonment, or holding someone unlawfully against their will, also came up in the comments many times.

False imprisonment is a misdemeanor according to U.S. law, though each state handles the charge differently. According to @thottyyboyy, the woman has not been charged.

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