‘It’s Not My Fault Walmart Doesn’t Make Enough Billions To Hire Somebody For The Counter’: Walmart Auto Care Worker Issues Psa To Customers Who Get Impatient When Check-out Counters Are Empty

A worker in Walmart’s AutoCare section went viral on TikTok after he issued a public service announcement to customers about employees working the garage.

User @iam_rockcity posted a video with the overlay text reading, “why do we struggle?” He films the Walmart auto center garage and says, “just so you know when you see two people working in the garage and then you look over the counter and nobody is there,” he shifts the camera to a door with a transparent window and continues, “you should never be banging on this door because I’m not coming to open it.”

“It’s not my fault Walmart doesn’t make enough billions to hire somebody for the counter,” he finishes.

The video has been viewed over 87,000 times as of Wednesday. Many people in the comments agreed with the creator about Walmart constantly being understaffed despite being a multi-billion dollar company.

“Multi-billion dollar company, 4 check stands open,” one user wrote.

“They making those billions in part because they’re screwing you employees over by not hiring enough people,” another person agreed.

“Walmart is struggling and it’s starting to show I’ve known it for a while,” a third commented.

“This is where the problem lies! Why is there not someone there!? It’s sickening how they treat employees & people that give them business!” another said.

Other users didn’t understand why anyone would take their cars to Walmart to have it worked on in the first place.

“Why go to Walmart for car work anyway?” one person asked.

“Why do people take their cars to Walmart to get worked on,” a second concurred.

“Walmart is the last place I’d take my vehicle,” a third commented.

“I don’t bring my car to Walmart for car work lol. heard to many people have car problems after picking up vehicles,” another wrote.

The creator addressed these opinions in the comments: “$46.88 full synthetic that’s why.”

The TikToker isn’t the only Walmart employee to issue a PSA on TikTok. Earlier this month, @cottoncandy1016 gave a public service announcement to customers about employees who are busy fulfilling online orders.

“Don’t stop them while they picking, and don’t jump in front of them,” the creator says in the clip.

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