'Magical Moment' Disney's Queen Anna Signs To Deaf 11-Year-Old

Disney fans have been left in tears by the sweet moment Anna from Frozen communicated with a deaf 11-year-old girl.
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The girl's mom, Jeanette, took to TikTok to share the special interaction between her daughter Zoe Tapley and the Disney Queen.

In the clip, Zoe can be seen conversing in ASL with the Queen. "For the first time in forever, Zoe met a Princess and didn't have to have us interpret," her mom excitedly caption the video.

"Queen Anna just started signing and chatting with Zoe. It was magical," she added.

Check out the incredible moment below:

The TikTok has racked up over 2.1 million views on the platform, and thousands of comments from people saying it moved them to tears.

"This literally made me tear up! My mom is deaf and you don’t see this much, I wish we had more of this," one person wrote, while another added: "The fact that I instantly cried. This is magical."

The clip was so widely shared that it even landed Zoe and her parents an interview with Good Morning America. They chatted to the outlet, explaining that they waited in line to meet Anna - and were shocked when she instantly asked if she could sign to Zoe.

"[Anna] must have seen us signing to each other," said dad Jesse. "Sometimes the characters will know, like, 'What's your name?' or 'Nice to meet you' and that's awesome. But when she said, 'Can I sign?' I was like, 'Yeah, go ahead.'"

Zoe's parents explained how she and the Disney Queen had a full conversation about how Zoe had been adopted from the Congo, and what ride she had enjoyed the most at the park.
Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Credit: Abaca Press / Alamy
"We've been to Disney many times and by far it was our best interaction we've ever had," Jesse said. "It was one of those things where she got to feel the magic rather than being filtered through mom and dad."

He added that the moment was particularly special because it allowed Zoe to demonstrate much ASL she has learned since moving to the US. When she first arrived, Zoe could barely communicate - but now, she's able to chat to her family, friends, and even Disney Queens.

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