‘There’s 2 Things You Don’t Do’: Walmart Worker Issues PSA To Customers Who See Employees Fulfilling Online Orders For Other Customers, Sparking Debate

One Walmart worker on TikTok has a public service announcement to customers who spot employees in the store attempting to fulfill customer orders.

In her video, which now has over 865,000 views, @cottoncandy1016 tells viewers “When you shopping at Walmart, and you see an employee with these right here, it’s two things you don’t do.” She is standing in front of baskets used by workers who are fulfilling online orders for customers.

“Don’t stop them while they picking, and don’t jump in front of them,” she continues.

Some commenters critiqued what they perceived to be a lack of customer service.

“I guess Walmart employees no longer have any customer service we are just in the way of their warehouse I’m so tired of Walmart employees,” one commenter wrote.

“Please! Girl I’m a customer…you are working!” another commenter wrote. “If I have a question I will ask….(Walmart) needs to check your attitude.”

“Haven’t met a nice worker with good customer service, I mean everybody is so miserable,” a third said. “My experience.”

In the comments section, following the criticism, @cottoncandy1016 clarified that she has a metric to meet but that she is more than happy to help customers after she has met that threshold.

“See what you guys fail to realize is that we have to pick at a certain percentage or we will get fired,” she wrote. “We are more than happy to help you. Afterwards.”

Others defended the worker, arguing critics don’t understand the pressures the workers are facing.

“This comment section just further proves everyone needs to work in food/retail at lease once. The entitlement is beyond me,” one said.

“I just absolutely love the comments guys lol. y’all have no clue what it’s like to work in that department,” another wrote.

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