Video Shows Rowdy Men Mess With The Wrong Officer, Get Body Slammed By 'Supercop'

Sergeant Bryan Bingham responded to calls from St. Pete Beach in Pinellas County about people being threatened.
Footage of the dramatic incident caught the deputy grabbing 25-year-old Josh McMahan and slamming him into the sand. As the crowd cheered on, the deputy slapped cuffs on McMahan.

A second man, Justin Lewis, was caught on video trying to stop the arrest. Sergeant Bingham shouted “back up” before he pushed Lewis to the ground.
24-year-old Lewis kept at it, and a brawl broke out before he was grabbed by the sergeant. A few of the beachgoers were seen kicking sand at McMahan’s back as Bingham arrested Lewis.

One witness exclaimed, “Man, he the truth,” as Bingham straddled McMahan while holding Lewis with one hand as he called for backup with his other hand.

Bingham then pushed Lewis to the ground and a few onlookers stepped in to help pull his arms behind his back.
Both Lewis and McMahan were charged with disorderly conduct and battery on a law enforcement officer.

Lewis claimed that he tried to interfere because he feared his friend had passed out, and denied assaulting Bingham.
One witness said of the incident: “The cop was alone. Luckily he was a big guy. To be honest, if he wasn't the size he was I don't think he would've been able to handle the situation.”

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