‘She’s Just Showing How Much Goes In And Y’all Start The Sbucks Worker Hate Parade’: Starbucks Worker Faces Backlash For Revealing Amount Of Syrup In Vanilla Sweet Cream

A Starbucks barista was met with backlash after she revealed how much vanilla goes into the coffee chain’s vanilla sweet cream.

The concoction is added to a variety of beverages and is frequently used in tandem with cold brew or nitro cold brew. The vanilla sweet cream is made up of heavy cream, 2% milk, and vanilla simple syrup. However, when TikToker and barista Danielle (@thehighbarista) revealed how much vanilla syrup is used in the creamer, she was faced with scrutiny.

“FYI: THIS IS HOW MUCH VANILLA GOES INTO PREPPING SWEET CREAM,” she told her over 13,000 followers in the video’s text overlay.

In the clip, Danielle takes a large bottle of vanilla syrup and pours over a fourth of it into a blender, making it nearly one-third full of syrup.

Danielle adds in the caption, “when they said vanilla sweet cream they meant SWEET how do we feel about that?” The video has been viewed over one million times as of Friday.

Needless to say, Danielle was faced with backlash in the comments section for sharing the amount of vanilla syrup in the sweet cream.

One user wrote, “ok? ur acting like that’s going in one drink.”

A second argued her video wasn’t necessary, claiming, “Omg what is this for?? It’s 350mL for a 2L pitcher.”

Additionally, a viewer complained that the vanilla sweet cream cold brew is “never sweet” despite the amount of vanilla added.

Other users defended Danielle, not understanding why viewers were upset.

“This girl literally said nothing and just showed y’all the main ingredient and y’all are throwing a fit BRUH,” one person defended.

Another user thanked Danielle for her work in food service, saying, “Thank you for doing what you do!!!!!! Public service is never easy and some of these comments ain’t it.”

Some viewers weren’t surprised by how much vanilla was added to the sweet cream. “I’m always shocked when I tell them how much sugar is in that and they say you’re kidding me and I Say anything that taste good at Starbucks is sugar,” one user wrote.

Even Danielle argued in the comments, “Starbucks isn’t coffee it’s sugar and caffeine.”

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